Best Cheats And Tips For King Of Thieves

One of the games that has surprised the most during this month has been King of Thieves , the new jewel of the company Zeptolab – creators of Cut the Rope 2 – that despite having against it a free-to-play system Quite aggressive because of the very rapid loss of keys to open the locks, surprised by its fresh style of platform-based gameplay and PvP attacks to steal gold from our opponents . Today we bring you some simple tips to master the attacks and be the best thieves of King of Thieves:

Improve the defenses of our cave whenever we can . In a game based on PvP like this, practically the most important thing is to improve the defenses to reject the attacks of our rivals, so we will have to prioritize to spend our currencies in improving the traps that we have available in the cave and especially the lock To enter. However, it is important to improve the elements one by one, as it will take a certain time and that will cause us to lose that defense until the improvement is completed, so it is not a good idea to improve several things at the same time.

Plan a route to attack the cave of our rival . In King of Thieves we have no time limit to attack our opponents, either in individual mode or in PvP, so it is vitally important to take our time to think about the proper movements that will bring us to the chest with the Booty without dying in the attempt, as this will make the reward bigger. The more deaths, the lower the reward, so we’ll have to plan the route well.

Play in the individual campaign to get new totems . PvP mode is always much more fun than individual mode, since snatching someone else’s part of your money always tastes sweeter, but we should not neglect the individual campaign, since every time we complete a level we will receive gold, experience and gems , As well as new totems. Needless to say, replenishing our totem when it breaks is vitally important in King of Thieves, since raising our gems is imperative for advancement.

Buy the clothes to improve the skills of our thief . When completing rituals we will have the possibility to obtain some magical object like leaves or mushrooms, that far from being useless, will be the key to improve our clothes of thief and to gain agility or health, as well as other enhancers, which will be of great help to the Time to plunder the caves of the rivals we face. We will have to check regularly the clothes available to create and choose the one that offers us the best bonus.

See the replays of the attacks on our cave to know what to improve . When we modify our cave we will have to overcome the obstacles several times for the configuration to be kept, but it never hurts to see the repetitions of the attacks that have made us to have a different perspective of what we should improve or where to move the traps to put The more complicated things to our opponents.

With these tips you will be King of Thieves’ most skillful thieves , so do not hesitate to put them into practice to advance and improve your attacks and your defenses. Have you tried them all already? Also check out King Of Thieves hack APK to get free resources on your game account to play your game smoothly.

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