Brawl Stars Guide: Tricks and strategies to win in the new Supercell game

Brawl Stars Guide Tricks and strategies to win in the new Supercell game

We have been playing non-stop to Brawl Stars and we can tell you that it is an amazing game, but as a good game Supercell is very simple to learn but tremendously difficult to master completely. That’s why today we bring you our Brawl Stars guide with the tricks, tips and strategies so you win all your battles in the different game modes.

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What is Brawl Stars?

If you are new to the game, Brawl stars is a multiplayer game that in part reminds us of other MOBAs since we will have to fight with a team of 3 to 3 players to overcome different challenges depending on the game mode that we choose while collecting the crystals that we find And let us do with the treasures of the contrary.

Like other popular mobs,   Brawl Stars has 15 heroes each with its pros and cons that we will have to learn how to manage to beat the rivals. In addition there are heroes who are very good in some game modes and not so much in others, which gives the game an interesting depth when it comes to mastering it completely.

Game Modes

The game has 4 game modes :

– Assault : We will have to go deep into the treasure of the opposing team or defend ours.
– Bounty Hunter : We will have to eliminate our opponents and thus get stars while we try to avoid giving stars to the enemy to be defeated, and in the end the one who has the most stars wins the game.
– Face : This mode promises to be as fun as chaotic since 10 players have to try to survive on a map that is becoming increasingly smaller, and win the player who manages to survive until the end.
– Break and catch : in this mode the goal of the teams of players is to be the first to get 10 crystals.

How to play Brawl Stars

Start Brawlstars brings a control system in which we will move our hero through pulsations on the screen , however we will soon discover that this control system is very inefficient and slow, which will cause us to lose many games because of their lack of precision. However the game brings an alternative control that if it is much better when controlling our hero: the control by means of joystick .

To activate joystick mode you only have to go to the configuration tab and move the arrow to choose the joystick mode as control mode, from that moment we will see that in a corner of the screen appears a joystick with which we can control to Our hero with much more precision and only with this election will be able to defeat to many of the opponents who use the system of pulsation to control his hero.

Basic Brawl Stars Strategies

Brawlstars is a game much more complex than it seems, and for that reason we recommend our advanced strategy guide for Brawl Stars when you begin to master it, however as a beginner we will give you a few quick tips to master Brawl Stars rightnow.

Learn to hide

The game has some surfaces that allow us to hide as is the case of very high grass, so whenever you see it take advantage and hide in it since the opposing heroes can not see or attack you and can only cut the grass with super attacks . So always stand on the edge of the grass to constantly enter and exit and attack by surprise to your enemies.

How to get free gems in brawl stars

Gems are a very important part of the game given that in some modes like bounty hunter the team winner gets to have 10 gems for 16 consecutive seconds, and they are also essential to win in a break and catch mode.

Keep in mind that the indicator you see on the hero in purple with a number indicates the gems he has so we can get gems by simply defeating that brawler.

In the case of bounty hunter mode we will see that in the center the map is a box that emits a violet light from which gems arise , in this case our job will be to control this zone to get gems quickly as they go out and end the servants Let them come to get them.

Basic Team Strategies in Brawl Stars

If you are starting in the game we recommend a basic strategy that works very well in modes like bounty hunter and breaks and traps, although if you want to know more complex strategies we recommend our advanced strategy guide for Brawl Stars.

So a very simple strategy that nevertheless gives good results is that two of the Brawlers are only dedicated to collect the gems or the stars that appear of the box or that they find in the map, whereas the remaining player is in charge of covering them and defend them . With this strategy you will win a large number of games especially against opposing teams that do not know how to organize correctly.