dragon ball z dokkan battle tips and cheats

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle a different game that has surprised many fans of the adventures of Goku. For those who did not notice in their moment in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle or they do not know it, it is a game of raising of level to the personages, to create a team and in which the strategy plays a very important paper. A game known  BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc . Which gives a turn to the gameplay to which we are accustomed to achieving a very interesting proposal. We leave the link to the analysis of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

First steps in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Once inside  Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle our primary goal will be to strengthen our team . For this we have several tools, starting the main adventure divided into missions is our best weapon. Each screen will have battles that we can jump or not, according to the number that appears in the spheres at the bottom of the screen will interest us or not. At some point while we are advancing will appear enemies that we can not avoid in any way, so we need a balanced team in hacks for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle to be able to fight as much as possible and still come with energy for the mandatory battles .

How to get more characters in DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE

To achieve more characters of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle the simplest thing is to invoke them by means of the stones of dragon . We have two types, with friendship points and dragon stones and for both it is best to accumulate until you can perform a multiple invocation. Multiple invocations are best with dragon stones as they will play a super rare or even more powerful character, invocations of friendship will give us characters to use to train our own or to support the rare characters. Another of the methods is in the different events that are emerging, overcoming them in all the difficulties will achieve the character that appears in the image of the event.

As we accumulate points and get a good number of characters, we can use them in training mode, in this way we improve a single character sacrificing for it others and some objects of improvement that we will find. The results are impressive according to the object that we use so if it is one of your favorite characters do not keep anything at all. Each character has a levels cap that can be overcome evolving in Awaken mode, achieving a higher form and restarting levels. The objects of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle  you can obtain them in missions completing certain requirements or through the capsules during the adventure, Evolve to those fighters you like or believe that they will last a long time in your team because it is not as easy to get them as training. Each of them needs a quantity of the same object and sometimes several of them will use the same so you prioritize those you like or have very good statistics.


In  Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle  we have several modes:

  • Quest / Adventure mode: The main mode where we follow a series of events that have happened with Goku and his companions. It is divided into several sections and in turn that section into small missions or events. Each phase has a number of stars from 1 to 3 to know how much we have managed to complete.
  • Events:  In this mode will appear special missions or current events such as new Dragon Ball movies, weekly events where you can get medals to evolve our characters and finally the event where you can get a specific character overcoming the 3 difficulties.

Entering the battle of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle  and after having already a team more than respectable we have to try to have a character of each type of skill and if it is possible that they are compatible like the androids or the warriors Z. All this is for To be able to have controlled the battle at all times, to fight we will have paths of spheres of energy or ki that we travel to hit the enemy. Each sphere represents a type like speed or force, our objective is to see the type opposite to the enemy and look for sphere of that color to hit with more force. Another method if no spheres of the indicated color appear is to go by an energy path that is of the same color to achieve a similar effect and obtain ki.

During the phases of the adventure try to go for the magic balls to risk for them is worth as the prizes will help you increase the power of your team. If you achieve all this I assure you that your team will be unstoppable and more if we add that online characters of high level to complete your equipment in each phase.


  • Collect both dragon stones and friendship points until you have enough to make a multiple invocation, the prizes when performing with the stones are usually a super rare or better guaranteed character and as far as friendship points when doing multiple you can use them or train to A character that you like and enhance it.
  • Try to have characters that are compatible with each other or from the same team as with Z warriors or androids.
  • Seek balance try to have variety in your team to be able to confront all classes of enemies.
  • If you find dragon balls during one of the adventure missions you risk and go for them the prize is well worth it.
  • If you have a team in mind or favorite characters do not include them from the first level or could decompensate the team too much, train with them and wait for them to approach the level of the group.
  • Do not spend the medals on all the characters, many of them share the same and you might find that they do not remain for your most powerful or favorite character.