Super Mario Run comes to smartphones – Latest Game Booming

Mario game for mobile devices has its free trial version, because it has not yet left the final version.

The game Super Mario comes to smartphones, after several years of waiting.Currently only the owners of an Apple iOS device will start playing Super Mario Run, the first game of Mario on mobile devices.

In the App Store you can download the trial version of this application for free.Super Mario Run offers a different way to play the classic Mario platform game.

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In the mobile game you can only control the plumber jumps by tapping on the touch screen of the smartphone, as the character runs through the stage.

In the trial there will be some levels of this style, waiting for the game goes on sale next week. Nintendo has also confirmed that in the final game you can control other characters as Toad, Luigi and Yoshi.

On 15 December, the full version of Super Mario Run will be released on iOS devices. Holders of a mobile with Android, will have to wait until the game’s release in 2017, at a date not yet materialized.